Hate Is a Virus Too.

For my non-violent intervention, I wanted to try something new by using my social media as a platform to educate and share resources. Specifically, I wanted to spark conversations about normalized racism towards Asians and the Asian American community. By sharing important information and resources, I hope people can feel empowered to talk about these injustices and acts of violence we often face. Part of dealing with this issue is being comfortable talking about the harsh reality behind the words we use and the information we perceive. What I shared on my social media was mostly in relation to how racism towards Asians has actually gotten worse during the pandemic, as well as a resource for reporting hate crimes. As depicted below, the Asian population actually consists of millions of people in the United States, and many of which have been impacted by the mocking and normalized bullying behaviors. There are many forms of protest, and finding the right one for you is really important in making an impactful change. Talking openly about this problem can help us create a safer and more comfortable environment for our Asian community.

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